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About TGUS

The Gently Unfurling Sneak is a teeny tiny design company that was accidentally started in 2006 in a Melbourne sharehouse by designer Anika Cook, who wanted to teach herself screen printing. Many stained kitchen tables later, Anika and production/admin assistant Josie now work out of a studio in North Melbourne and have embraced digital fabric printing, as well as giclee printing for art prints and cards. And we enlisted a wonderful local company to do our screen printing, so our tables are a lot cleaner these days.

We make clothing, artworks and cards that are based around Anika’s surrealistic illustrations. Using a combination of drawing and collage to create her intricate prints, Anika loves to insert mysterious narratives involving the adventures of giant zebras and tulip-headed businessmen. Each product must be strange, beautiful or amusing (or a combination of all three) to make it out of the studio.

We make what we can ourselves in the studio, and what we can’t we take to ethical makers. We believe in supporting small businesses, makers and manufacturers and paying everyone properly. And regular bagel breaks in the workplace. That’s very important. You can read a little more about how we make everything here

We now have a bricks-and-mortar shop at the front of our studio! Come visit us at 629 Queensberry St, North Melbourne. Opening hours and contact info can be found here